Thoughts on Thursday: A night at home

Mac got back from NC on Tuesday, we have had a great few days of doing nothing and just enjoying being around each other again. Last night I made us a really nice meal and we ate it at the table with candles and a glass of wine. It was nice, we talked  and enjoyed our meal with no TV to distract us, just a puppy.

Here is the thing, the house wasn’t perfect, normally that would make me crazy but last night it was just one less thing I had to do.  As you can see I only cleared off have the storage space  table, and I didn’t iron the place mats. You know what the dinner was just as nice as if I had.

So take some time to be with each other, enjoy a no pressure night with some good food. Here is what I made.

Chicken Sorrentino Fusilli

Roasted Asparagus with Tosted Breadcrumbs

Bananas Foster (not pictured but very yummy)

Life, Love, Green

2 comments on “Thoughts on Thursday: A night at home

  1. Asparagus? You must have been reading my mind! Since I started exercising and making better food choices I have been wanting to have some again. When I went to Vegas last year the people we stayed with grilled some and it was delicious! Now that I know how to make my own Sushi it’s awesome buying different fruits and veggies to put in it.

    I am going to do a post as soon as I am done leaving this comment. Please link me up. =)

  2. Ah, I miss having those kinds of nights…especially since we spend most of our dinnertimes these days trying to get E to eat her food and not throw it at the floor 🙂 That dinner looks delicious! I must try those recipes one of these days.

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