My weird green habits.

  • I bring home all of my recycling from work ie paper, cardboard and such we do have plastic recycling here but I don’t use a lot of that.
  • When I wash my hands I just get them wet, then turn the water off while I scrub the soap in. Then I rinse quickly.

 (I recorded this on my new iPhone 4!!! oh and I’ve been trying to use up that soap forever)

  • I wash my face the same way, wet down the bar of soap, turn water off, scrub face, wet down wash cloth and rinse.
  • I reuse my scraps of printer paper to print my coupons.
  • I buy biodegradable poo bags for my dog when we take walks. I don’t know if they actually work in our local landfill but it makes me feel better.
  • I reuse ribbion from gifts.
  • I reuse the calendar paper  at work at the end of the month.
  • I only make grocery lists on my iPad no paper wasted.

There is more I’m sure but none I can think of at the moment.


One thought on “My weird green habits.

  1. Hehe, those aren’t that weird 🙂 I think they’re all good habits to have. Plus, reusing used printing paper saves you money from buying post-its and notepads, right? Saving money is always green.

    Yay for the iphone 4! You’re the second person I know who just recently got one too 🙂

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