Chocolate Covered bottles.

Many of you liked the picture of my chocolate covered wine bottle and asked me how to do it. Its pretty simple but here you go.

First gather your supplies:


Double Boiler

Wax Paper



Sea Salt

Glass Measuring Cup

First you tape the center of your ribbon to the bottom of the bottle then tape it again at the base of the neck and tie a bow on top and then tape it out of the way. Next cover the bottle with a piece of wax paper. I taped it to itself not the bottle. The ribbon will be pulled down later to help break off the chocolate.

Next boil some water and add 1/2 and 1/2 semi sweet and milk chocolate chips in the top pan. ( For a regular sized bottle I used about 3/4ths of each bag) Also add a few tablespoons of water to help thin it out and a pinch of sea salt for some added decadence. Keep stirring the chocolate till its is smooth (I didn’t wait long enough so it was still a little lumpy) and just pour it on. I had a paper bag underneath to catch the extra chocolate.

When the chocolate layer is cool melt about 1/2 bag of the white chocolate chips in a glass liquid measuring cup with a tablespoon of water and melt them in the micorave. It will only take 30-45 seconds and remember to stop and stir frequently.

Then drizzle over the bottle for decoration. You can see I have some thicker lines and some thin lines I like the thin ones better to get those just keep your measuring cup moving quickly from side to side.

Yummy! I made this for my MIL for  Christmas and it was a hit with the whole family. They were all eating the chocolate off the bottle!

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5 comments on “Chocolate Covered bottles.

  1. Cool! Thanks for the tutorial! I was wondering how you got the chocolate to stick to the glass bottle. Now I know that there’s wax paper underneath 🙂

  2. How cool is that!! That would be an amazing gift to get! Thanks for sharing a tutorial on it. I might just have to try this out – perfect timing for Valentines’ Day!

  3. Tip for melting chocolate in the microwave- put it on the defrost setting- then it won’t burn or get lumpy. AND you can take a plastic baggy and cut a corner out of it to put the white chocolate in to keep the lines thin. My mom and I do this all the time when drizzling chocolate and it is great!

  4. That is a cool idea! I don’t know how soon I would be doing it though as my next 3 bottles of wine are coming from the Door County Winery so I will want to save those Empty Bottles as is (especially the bottle that is one of the three specialty wines specifically named and insipred by each of the three Grandkids who each have their photo on one of the 3 bottles).

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