Aspirations: Debit Reduction Update #1

*I will have the raw taco recipe posted tomorrow!*

I want to be intentional about my asperations for 2011 they are all things that will improve my life and that is a big deal. They arn’t going to make me rich or famous. They are going to make a more healthy, happy and whole me. Which will by default make me a better wife, Christian, Daughter, sister and friend.  So I will be checking in a few times a month to keep me accountable.

We are down to one Credit Card! Just paid of one of them two weeks ago  just one more to go! I plan to have the second one paid of at the VERY latest by mid-March then on to the Pathfinder woop woop!

I’ve been doing good with my coupons too, I just used a $10.00 coupon to buy Cooper some more dog food, that is a good coupon!

I also had great success at the grocery store this week I had $20.91 worth of coupons all on things that I would normally buy, they had coupons for healthy things!

I’ve done well at sticking to the nessacary items when shopping, not perfect but good. I hope to see improvement in this area, shopping is just so much fun!

One last thing that has helped in this area is organizing and figuring what I do have so I don’t buy duplicates. Check out this sucess story under my sink!

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One thought on “Aspirations: Debit Reduction Update #1

  1. Congratulations! Paying off a debt is always quite an accomplishment! It’s always so easy for us to get into debt but paying it off is a lot harder. I’m proud of you 🙂

    Ah, coupons….how I miss using them to save money.

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