You Capture: Red

Here is some red in my life right now:

This red item is kicking my butt. That is a good thing I suppose.

I have a prettier picture with a background and all but the colors look better in this one, I need to work on my lighting when its dark out… Anyway this is my new favorite v-day decoration (since I only have to its not hard to be the favorite. Hopefuly the candy lasts until MAC gets home.

My baby, I mean Mac has a pretty red case.

This is my dinner from last night on a pretty red plate, raw-tacos yumm but more on that tomorrow.


4 comments on “You Capture: Red

  1. Those raw tacos look good. I am eating a raw breakfast right now; Sushi (homemade), LOL!

    It’s funny you mention the red ball kicking your butt. The advanced Wii Fit boxing is also doing a number on my rear end, LOL!

  2. That Valentine’s Day decoration is yummy looking! I know I’d be having a hard time keeping that around for a few days 🙂

    I absolutely love that red case for his laptop! Where did he find it?

    Great job on capturing “red”. I just love that color so much 🙂

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