Thoughts on Thursday: Valentine’s Day

Well V-day is fast approaching, I have a love hate relationship with this holiday. I don’t like the commercalism behind it and that flowers, cards and chocolates all triple in price at least! In fact I hate that part so much I told MAC to never buy me flowers on V-day.

However since it is a holiday that we celebrate in the USA I don’t want to ignore it and be a scrooge. Our Church does a fun couples night out which I’m going to try and talk MAC into… but for us on Monday the 14th we are going to have a quiet night at home. We both like cooking so we will make a fun meal together maybe have some candles and we WILL NOT eat in front of the TV. I’m also going to try and write him a great love letter but we will see how that turns out.

What are you planning for V-day? Link up your posts below.

Next weeks topic is “A special night at home”

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3 comments on “Thoughts on Thursday: Valentine’s Day

  1. I don’t like Valentine’s Day. It’s too commercial. I feel you should show your love to your family, friends, spouse, etc everyday! Plus with our wedding anniversary 2 days later we generally tend to ignore it!

  2. I agree with you about Valentine’s day! It’s too commercial and it totally kills the romance to give the one you love something that everyone else is giving to theirs. I absolutely hate roses because of Valentine’s day. I challenged my first ex to give me something he made with his own hands and instead he went and bought me a dozen roses (the most expensive kinds too). Totally ruined it for me!

    We celebrate Valentine’s day in Japan too. Though it’s a purely commercial holiday where the girls give the boys chocolate. Most of the time the chocolates given are considered “obligatory” since their for the men you work with or men in the family. However, girls here also make their own chocolates to give to the guys they have a crush on, which I think is cute.

    Guys in Japan do not give anything to the girls on Valentine’s day though. It’s mostly a girl to guy thing. However, a month later, on March 14th, the guys give gifts back to the girls. We call it “White day” here. It’s quite an interesting tradition, isn’t it?

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