Green your bathroom routine.

The bathroom can be one of the hardest places to be green. Lotions, shampoos, make up and cleansers all loaded with chemicals but so enticing for how they can make your hair/body/face look better. A hot shower feels so  good (especially in the winter) but is a big waste of water. So here are a few ways that I have greened my bathroom routine.

My nightly routine:

  1. Brush my teeth.  I get my toothbrush wet, add toothpaste, brush, spit, rinse toothbrush quickly.
  2. Wash my face. The water from washing my face cleans up the spit without a separate rinse. I wet down my face bar, turn the water off. Lather up my hands and scrub my face for at least 30 seconds. Wet a washcloth and clean off my face using both sides and every corner. Rinse the washcloth and hang it for the next night.
  3. Remove contacts. My hands are already clean from washing my face so no need for a seperate wash.
  4. Lotion after all this is done, so I don’t have to wash off my hands. I use an all natural product so that I’m not rubbing chemicals directly into my skin. However I will say that with a change of body soaps I’ve not needed lotion nearly as often.

Green Shower:

  • I use bar soap for everything, body hair and face! Less packaging, minimal and natural ingredients and long lasting. (except when my husband uses it) I found a local place where I can pick up my soap, scrubs and lip balms. I like Apple Valley Natural soaps. But if you have a local place use it! If you order from AV let them know I sent you. (I don’t get anything I just want them to know.)
  • Using bar shampoo is easy, just rub it directly on your scalp a few times and then use your fingers to later it up.
  • Multi-task. If you have to let your conditioner sit for a few min use that time to shave.
  • Don’t wash your hair everyday this will save water, soap and your hair.

Have any tips for me? Leave a comment and you could win a lip balm from AV!



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10 comments on “Green your bathroom routine.

  1. Hi Amber,
    we have a low flow shower head with a button that you can press when you don’t need full flow. I use it when I shampooing or shaving my legs and then press the button to full flow when I’m ready to rinse. use soap for everything as well!

  2. My nighttime routine mirrors yours (minus the contacts because i don’t have any).

    I have a nickname of “the 5 minute shower” because I get in, do what I need to do and get out!

  3. Great routine! It costs a lot more but I try to buy healthier and greener products to make my routine more green. And I have found that those products also do wonders to my skin and hair!
    Dorinda I would love to know where you got that shower head from! I hate the low flow kind because then I can’t get the soap out of my hair. That one would solve the whole problem.
    Stopping by from Green Mama blog hop. Hope you will check out my blog sometime too.

  4. Your routine sounds similar to mine. When I shave, I turn off the shower while I am lathering up and shave. When I need to rinse the blade and am ready to switch legs, I turn on the bath and quickly rinse the shaver and my leg, turn the water off, lather up the next leg, shave, rinse, etc. Also, I use a single blade shaver (aka safety razor) like this: It reduces the waste of typical shavers when their shaver heads are thrown away. Also, replacing the blade is much cheaper (about $1 for 5 blades).

    Also, I just looked at the Apple Valley Natural Soap website. Their stuff looks amazing! I have used a separate bottle for shampoo, conditioner, face and body wash for a long time but I think I will be trying those soaps once my bottles run out. Thanks for posting about that company again!

  5. My tip is kind of an “oldie but a goody;” we always try to remember to hang up our towels so they will dry and can be used more than once, thus requiring less loads of laundry!

  6. Water is such an important issue in Australia, we’re the driest country, except for Antarctica which doesn’t really count. Firstly, I don’t think it’s necessary to shower everyday, I shower every 2-3 days and get things done quickly, and of course we have a low flow shower head. I only wash my hair once a week or so, and it thanks me, it’s never been in better condition, and while it’s conditioning I brush my teeth and wash my face. When I shave I fill the sink with water and do it with my leg on the sink, rather than in the shower. Over summer we leave water in the bath to cool off our feet, and we bucket it out for the garden when it’s gross. We also only use green products that don’t test on animals.
    Great thought provoking post!

  7. My bathroom routine is very similar to yours…except I don’t wear contacts or use lotion (though I should since winter weather dries my skin out). I usually take really quick showers so that I don’t waste water by standing around in the shower. In the winter, I shower every other day (days when I go running) since it’s cold and I don’t sweat at all during the day. Jason and I also brush our teeth at the same time so that we only have to run the facet once to rinse and wash our faces.

    Great tips on being green! 🙂

  8. Hi Amber! I just found your blog from Org Junkie and I’m adding you to my RSS feed. I also recently wrote about part of how I “greened” my bathroom routine. I need to finish the second part but you can read part one here.

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