You Capture: Happy

The things that make me happy are pretty simple. They are the things that normally make me grin so I pull out my phone and snap a picture. You want to see the pics I took on my phone this week?

I removed this rolling wire trash bin thing from inside that really didn’t help it just got in the way. I used baskets that I already had in the house and now I can see everything we have!

I covered a bottle of wine in chocolate for my (1st) mother in law. I’ll be honest when I was done with the dark chocolate it didn’t look so hot, but after I added the white it was great and tasted amazing! It was a hit. Ok I’ve had a few questions about this so  here is the short version.

I Basically I criss- crossed ribbon under the bottle  and tied it around the neck. Then I wrapped it in waxed paper and taped it on. Next I used a double boiler to melt chocolate chips with a little water to make it more spreadable. Used a spatula to smear it on. Let it cool and harden. Melted white chips and water in a pyrex measuring cup  and then drizzled it all over! Pretty simple but it takes a little time.
I hope thats clear if not I will be making on next weekend so come back on the 7th for the tutorial with pictures. Maybe even a video.

Other than the fact that Cooper doesn’t always listen to me grrr, he is pretty darn cute. We gave a friend a ride to the body shop last night to get their car back. The window was up while driving but when we were parked he was adorable.


16 comments on “You Capture: Happy

  1. now that’s a very organized under the sink cupboard. I am even more ashamed of mine now. As if that were possible…. starting my to-do list now 😉

  2. I love organized cupboards!! 😀

    I’ve never heard of covering wine bottles with chocolate!! Do you pop it off and eat it, then? Sounds like it would *totally* be up my mom’s alley! :giggle:

  3. Wow, can you come over and help me organize my sink cupboards too? We just throw things into bins underneath the sink and it drives me crazy when I actually have to go and search for something. I know I should organize it better but it’s a lot harder when I have a husband you just tosses things in. *sigh*

    That chocolate covered wine bottle is an interesting idea. I’ve never even heard of such a thing. I’m curious about it now 🙂

    And cooper is such a cutie!

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