Binder Re-make

A little while back I picked up some free 3 ring binders from the law studies office in the building where I work. Problem is it says law studies office on the cover, bleh. So I decided to make a new cover for it.

1st I took a piece of card stock and cut it down to size, then I added this self stick die-cut boarder that I had. It was a little too big so I used a corner rounder to make it smaller but keep the oval shape going.

2nd I sewed it on with my sewing machine. Yep thats all I did.

I put some tape on the back where the stitches started and ended so that they wouldn’t pull through.

3rd I cut out letters on vinyl (its like making stickers!) from Expressions Vinyl. I used transfer tape to place them exactly where I wanted them on the cover.

4th  I covered the whole thing with clear contact paper to make it stronger. I used the vinyl tool I bought at Expressions Vinyl and it made the job very easy.

5th I loaded up the cover with glue attached the cover and set some books on  it for a few hours. I don’t know if this was the best way to attach it but its all I came up with. Here you have it:

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One thought on “Binder Re-make

  1. Ooo, nice. I like how you actually sewed onto the actual binder cover. Very interesting technique! Was it tough getting it through the sewing machine? What a great way to reuse binders 🙂

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