Strong Woman

I have this painting on my wall from my Uncle. He painted it a while back I guess and a little while ago I got an e-mail from him saying he wanted to send it to me. The picture he sent me was beautiful how could I say no?

He calls it Strong Woman and said it made him think of me. To be honest I’m not sure which way it is supposed to go, but this is the way I have it hanging in my office.

I ike it, I like that my Uncle thinks I am a strong woman, I know that I am a lot of the time. But I’m also learning that being ‘strong’ all of the time is bad for your heath. Sometimes you need outside help, sometimes you need to breakdown and cry. It takes real strength to not only know this but to act on it. That is the kind of strong woman I want to be.

2 comments on “Strong Woman

  1. I think it’s really neat that your uncle painted something for you. It’s a really beautiful painting and I *think* you have it in the right orientation. At least to me, it looks like there are several figures surround the one central circle.

    I believe that you are a strong woman too. It’s takes a strong person to admit that they can be weak sometimes and that they need outside help. I don’t think we’re meant to bear all the burdens of life on our own. It’s why we need friends, family and significant others. I think you’re doing a great job with the self healing. Hang in there đŸ™‚

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