Taking care of myself.

So a while back I started loosing some weight, not for the numbers per say, just because I was starting to grow out of my pants. As a 27 year old who is not pregnant that was not acceptable to me. Well I lost around 13 lbs and was very comfortable there, then I got stressed out , changed birth control and stopped exercising and well I gained it all back…not a happy girl.

So this time around I’m doing things different, I’m changing things. I’m working on the root of the problem (stress, sugar addiction and a few other things) and changing my eating and exercise habits.

Step One

  • This may shock you but I never went to therapy after Mark passed away. I am now, I had my first session last week. I dont’ want my life and Mac and I’s relationship to be affected daily by my stress. I understand there will be days and memories forever and I’m happy with that, I will never forget Mark never. 
  • I’m to cheap to waste the leftovers in my fridge so over the weekend I’m going to eat them, in reasonable portions so that I don’t have to throw them away.
  • No Candy not a single piece till Mac gets back from his trip.
  • Exercise 2 times between now and Sunday

Step Two

  • Eat Raw for a week, try to get all the unhealthy processed carbs and sugars out of my system so I don’t crave them anymore.
  • Exercise 4 Times a week.
  • Continue with therapy.

Step Three

  • Continue exercising 4 times a week.
  • Eat a calorie controlled diet with limited processed foods as much as possible.
  • Continue with therapy

7 comments on “Taking care of myself.

  1. I just recently did away with almost all sugar and two weeks later, I rarely crave sugary foods. I used to have a huge sweet tooth, and although sweets still tempt me – it’s really easy to pass them by. I wish you luck with your goals and it sounds like a nice, gradual transition that you have planned out.

  2. Sounds like you and I are on a similar track. I gained my weight I lost training for the Relay for Life after the car accident when I was in a lot of pain and so exhausted from the Physical Therapy. I am committed to working out 3 times a week now (I am building back the strength I lost) and joined the MN Biggest Loser Challenge which starts on Monday.

    I am also bringing Yogurt and fruit to work for Breakfasts and working on finding healthier snacks (though my husband needs to stop eating my 100 calorie packs that he has no business eating, LOL).

  3. I like your “step” plan. The hard part is continuing – maintenance – discipline. Unfortunately you didn’t learn long term maintenance in food and exercise from me. Maybe we can learn together!
    I just did a class on Diabetes this week and again it showed we should not be using most of the sugar replacements either. Hard choices at times, but better for us. Real sugar if you have sugar – just small quantities. That’s from the medical perspective.

  4. Good for you for working on yourself, Amber. I commend you for choosing to go to therapy. I’m biased, as a therapist myself, but I think it can be very helpful. Exercising and changing your foods is another awesome way to go. You are supported!

  5. It’s great to see that you have a plan on how to take better care of yourself 🙂 Therapy sounds like it’ll be helpful for helping you de-stress and to work out anything you may have bothering you. I went to therapy several times and it’s helped to talk about things to a complete stranger. By doing so, I felt more confident about talking to Jason about things too.

    Also love your health and exercise plan 🙂 I’m trying to train myself to run and it’s been really tough but I’m trying to stick with it!

    Good luck! You’ve got a lot of friends to help and support you 🙂

  6. Hi Amber. Lovely blog. I too struggle with sugar and carb addiction. I’ve been trying to detox for a week and haven’t made it past a day or two yet. I know it’s possible (of course) because I’ve done it several times in my past. I just keep going back to the sugar after a few months of healthy eating and weight loss. Good luck on your journey. Sounds like you have a solid plan.

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