Thoughts on Thursday: When Away

Mac is taking off on business for a few weeks here, how do we keep it together? Well we spend lots of time together before he leaves. Go out to eat have a nice night together snuggling and watching tv/movies that sort of thing. I drive him to the airport whenever I can for that last bit of time together soon. Then while he is gone we call and e-mail everyday and try to skype pretty often too, its just better to see their face.  Also if its going to be a long trip Mac will take a pic of me and Cooper with him!

For me, in the begining I like the quite time I have a whole list of projects to do and things to surprise Mac when he gets home. But sometimes I am lonely that is when I start looking through pictures, then I”m good to go again. I also make sure I do something for me along the way, girls night out, go to the salon, you know something fun when I don’t feel guilty about spending the time away from the house.

Have any ideas for me let me know ASAP because he will be gone soon.

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4 comments on “Thoughts on Thursday: When Away

  1. Aw man. My advice will be horrible. In my relationship with my husband I have only ever been the one to leave in our 3 years of marriage and 3 years of “courting.” In grad school I would leave for months at a time out of the country to where I had no communication lines with him quite often, same deal with work at a week at a time in the mountains. In 6 years he has only gone away for a weekend to support a friend’s art opening.

    So what does he do? He picked up flute most recently.

    We do have a friend with 2 kiddos whose hubby is gone for 3 months and our community is rallying behind her. Last week I organized a pasta making party for her to come hang with adults, drink wine and we got the boys to crank some pasta. So do a food night with friends and family I guess.

  2. Hmmm, I don’t have any interesting advice to share since Jason and I have rarely been apart since we got married and moved to Tokyo. There was one time when I was back in the US with E and Jason stayed in Tokyo to work. It was for 2 weeks and I missed him so much. We skyped every day even with the big time difference and chatted online quite frequently. To keep myself occupied, I had friends visit me and also went to visit my family. E kept me busy all the time too so time flew by quickly for me.

  3. My husband has started going out of town again for work, and it was really hard the first two weeks he was gone.

    I ended up going shopping for some new clothes and getting some make-up. (I had one of the free sessions done at the mall, and came away with some great new finds.) Retail therapy at its finest.

    This time he was away, I drove to one of my favorite places on the beach and just relaxed. So if you have somewhere you love to go, but don’t always get to, I suggest taking a mini-road trip.

  4. I just saw this post for some reason, so I am almost a week late and won’t link up right now, but I just wanted to say that I understand what you are going through a bit. This year as been rough with travel. I was gone for the first week of January with work. Then I came back for a day and hubby left for 10 days. With his work, he is gone about 15 days/month every month. He is always home on the weekends though, thankfully. I guess its a bit easier for me because I just go to work daily, and only have the evenings without him. Mondays are always nice b/c I just have that “free” feeling and do what I want, but by wednesday I am more than ready to see his face and for him to be home.

    Of course, my hubby is horrible with calling and emailing because he is so busy with clients, often even after work. So, we don’t get to talk much while he is away.

    I hope that these weeks are flying by for you and that Mac will be home soon!

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