Baking for the lactose intolerant.

Hubby dearest is lactose intolerant, big time with cream cheese. This is a problem when a) both of us like cheesecake and b) there are lots of yummy recipes with cream cheese in them. For our wedding we decided to have a cheesecake bar for our reception, I made (yes you read that right) most of the cheesecakes see:

All the photos in the post are by Whitney Furst Photography.

Ok now I’m hungry. But being as we were going on our honeymoon at the crack of dawn the next day (thanks Joel for the ride) I didn’t want him feeling ill. So after a little research online I found a place called Muddy Paws Cheesecake that made cheesecake with Tofutti.Its a pretty cool soy-based product. Since I’d never even heard of it I let them make us a Turtle Cheesecake for the wedding it was delish.

That cute little LOVE was from The Funky Shack on Etsy.

Since then I’ve started using it for everything the not only make cream cheese but sour cream and ice cream substitutes! If you know some one who is lactose intolorant check it out.

**I was not commissioned to write this post I just like the stuff so much I thought I would share**

2 comments on “Baking for the lactose intolerant.

  1. Wow! I cannot believe you *made* all those cheesecakes for your wedding reception! They look absolutely delicious! If I could redo my wedding reception, I’m definitely going to add a cheesecake/dessert bar because that is just too cool 🙂

    I love how sweet it is that you had a special cheesecake made for MAC for your wedding. I think it’s little stuff like remembering that your spouse can’t eat lactose products at your wedding that makes you two so cute. I have a friend who is also lactose intolerant (as is her husband) who would love trying lactose free cheesecake. I should totally send them that link 🙂

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