Personalized Thank You Card

The while ago I got the coolest thank you card from a friend of mine. I made her a Holy Names wall hanging at the request of my mom and she scanned it in shrunk it  and made it into a thank you. How fun was that. Plus the thank you meant more to me since she had taken the extra time to personalize the card.

Well some time has passed but I finaly got a chance to try this out myself. Yesterday some friends of ours couldn’t attend a hockey game they had tickets too, so they gave them to us. We didn’t win 🙁 but it was fun to have a night out with my man.

When I got home I was inspired to make them a card. I think it turned out pretty good, what do think?

I’m not a master card maker but I really like how this one tuned out I used the Tag Maker from Creative Memories (one of my favorite punches) to cut out part of the Ticket from the game.

Then I used the tearing tools small side to rough up the edges of the layered piece of paper.  I stamped the bottom with a thank you stamp I had in my stash.

Lastly to make it a little more detailed and easier to write on I did a tan panel on the inside. It looks like I stapled it on but I didn’t (that would make an ugly backside. I just stapled into the panel and then used double sided tape to adhere it.

Pretty simple but I like the personalized touch, what do you think?

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5 comments on “Personalized Thank You Card

  1. Oh, that is such a wonderful card! It’s simple but very elegant, even with the hockey guy on it 🙂 I really love what you did with the card!

  2. Very cute! I really need to get a tag shaped punch. I love using “found” objects for scrap-booking and card making; using the ticket was a great, green way to personalize your thank you card. Love it!!!

  3. What a great idea. Very thoughtful too – I’m sure your friends will know how much you enjoyed the game by the effort you put into your thank you card.

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