You Capture: The Years Best

Well I don’t know if these are the best of anything, photos, memories or what have you but these re the ones that made me smile and jumped out at me as I was looking through thousands of pictures from 2010.

My Mother in Law’s first Hockey game.

MAC and a few of the paintball guys, I love the grins.



My Boys. (Mac and Cooper)

The Farmers Market.

A sunny day and yummy tea, what could be better?

Our Canada trip.

Green Smoothies

Cutie Pie Cooper and long hair I donated.



10 comments on “You Capture: The Years Best

  1. Love the first paintball pictures with the boys wrestling – I think it really captures the moment well.

    But my fave fave? The tea in the mason jars – so classic! Love it. πŸ™‚

  2. I love the grins in the second picture, too. You could never ask them to pose and end up with such a great shot. That’s what “capturing” magic is all about!

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