Recycle and upcycle your holiday items.


  • Christmas Cards without metallic paper, talking speaker thingies, or plastic. For the ones that do remove that part and recycle the rest.
  • Plain wrapping paper, no metallics or embedded threads but the glossy stuff is like a magazine page go for it!
  • If you have large plastic figurines your not going to use next year donate them (if they are in good shape)or call your local recycling facility and see if you can drop them off.


Up Cycle:

  • Use cards to make frames or the shiny parts for scrapbooking, think bookmarks and gift tags, this not only eliminates them from the landfillsbut means you aren’t buying new paper to make something.
  • Spray your favorite perfume on a slice of wrapping paper and line your dresser drawers with it, or use to cover books that get beat up like cook books.
  • That old garland can make great reusable packaging material.
  • Use broken ceramics in the bottom of planters as filler for an over sized pot.
  •  Usedried up wreaths use them to fill sacets and sent your drawers for the year to come.


  • Reuse your ribbons till they are dead.
  • Gift bags can be reused of course.
  • Take care to pack your decorations carefully so they can be used for years to come.
  • Donate any unwanted decorations so others can reuse them.

**Many of these ideas are from Earth 911

One thought on “Recycle and upcycle your holiday items.

  1. Those are all very good ideas you shared 🙂 Of course, we didn’t decorate this year which means that I won’t be able to try a lot of these ideas. I’m saving them for next year though! I will, however, be scrapbooking all the beautiful holiday cards we got 🙂

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