I never thought…

…Vodka could be green, but when I went to pick up some wine tonight guess what I found:

Image from Vodka 360 Oh and no I didn’t buy any so I don’t know how it tastes.

I won’t bore you with all of the ways they are eco-friendly, there are alot, but here are some of the highlights.

  • The bottle is 85% recycled glass
  • It has a swing-top cap that can be mailed back in a postage paid recycled envelope for reuse.
  • For each recycled cap they donate $1.00 to Global Green USA
  • In 2007, 167 tons of material was recycled from our day-to-day operations
  • The following activities have been implemented to reduce paper consumption: document imaging, electronic invoicing, electronic order confirmation, desk-side paper recycling bins, office paper 30% pcw, double-side printing, tag outbound email with an environmental notification to consider the environment before printing, a multi media conference room designed for teleconference communications & projector accessibility to reduce handouts and conference materials. Efforts are underway to opt out of unwanted fax and junk mail.
  • In 2007, the company purchased renewable energy certificates to offset electricity and natural gas consumption for three years at our Weston facility. In addition, biodiesel fuel is purchased for on-site maintenance equipment and shuttle truck operations.


Crazy huh? How about this one:

Photo and mat are from La Chanh Nguyen

  • This bathroom rug is made of recycled latex foam mainly coming from vegetal sources.
  • Each cell welcomes a piece of moss (forest moss).
  • The humidity of the bathroom and the drops flowing from the body, water the mosses.
  • This vegetation carpet procures a great feeling to your feet.


Last but certintly not least:

A dog fur coat

Not only is is weird that they exist but this is 1 of a whole series of pictures done byErwan Fichou. I guess people save the fur from their dogs when brushing and then get it spun into yarn (that can’t be cheap) in case your wondering how check out this book “Knitting with dog hair”

So what eco-friendly products have you seen that were just plain weird?

3 comments on “I never thought…

  1. Interesting!
    There is no way I can save any hair from my Rhodesian Ridgeback..At least she is recycling but it seems little strange I guess. The vodka company is cool. Not that I drink vodka, but it is always good to see companies going an extra mile. Vodka itself can be useful when making tinctures/aromatherapy spritzers etc..

    The bathroom rug? I am not sure I want it in the bathroom..

    thanks for an interesting post.


  2. How funny, my sister’s husband saved hair from their Great Pyrenees and had it spun into yarn. My Mom knits and she now has the yarn and will be making him either a hat or a scarf. I think it’s a bit weird but at the same time kinda neat. Their dog passed away a couple years ago and now they will have something they can use that will remind them of him.

  3. I really love the design of that vodka bottle 🙂 Not a big alcohol fan either but I think it’s interesting how vodka can be so green! Not sure about the bath mat though….

    Oh that dog hair coat is just so weird! That photo is kinda funny too since the lady looks just like her dog with his hair on her. I don’t think I can ever wear fur coats of any kind but I guess if it means not having to kill innocent animals for their fur, this dog fur coat isn’t a bad idea 🙂

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