My iPad is Green(er).

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Ok so lets just get this out of the way, no it is not ‘green’ per sae, but there are cases where it is the greenest choice. For example I no longer use paper shopping lists or a paper planner. I’ve cut down the amount of books I buy, I’ve only bought e-books recently and when I use it for facebook or web browsing it uses considerably less energy than my laptop. According to Steve Jobs, the iPad is arsenic-free, BFR-free, mercury-free, PVC-free, and is highly recyclable. of course to recycle it you have to ship it back to the via FedEx or bring it to a store. 

Check out the environmental report that Apple published about theiPad (and all other products here.) Here are a few highlights.

  • Total greenhouse gas emissions: 130 kg CO2e
  • The packaging for iPad is almost entirely recyclable and uses corrugate cardboard made from a minimum of 33 percent post-consumer recycled content.
  • The iPad uses power efficient components and software that intelligently manages power

Another way I use my iPad is for coupons. This is a new thing and not to many places do it yet but two of my favorite coffee shops do. Caribou and Dunn Bros Coffee both accept either text or e-mail coupons just by showing them on your phone or iPad

Lastly here is a cool program I just found for if you ever lose your iPad.



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  1. Okay, as green as I am, I never actually consider electronics usage into the equation. Sad, I know. Because we are a technology family with any number of devices going at any one time in our home. I am happy to see your post about the iPad, though. I won one last summer and I LOVE it. And I totally knew it was GREEN. hehehehe

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