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I had this great project going, I was going to do a post on how to make a subway tile using transfer tape and the Gypsy. But my Cricut ate my last piece of vinyl so I didn’t complete it, bummer. But I had a lot of the pictures taken so I thought I would give some hints.

First thing to do is make a list of  words. You can see my project noatpad has a few different catagories (Christmas, and Winter) Have at least 15 words to work with 20 would be better .  I added more to this list after the picture.

Use the Gypsy to fill up one full sheet with words in different fonts ans sizes. Don’t  forget that even with in one font there are many styles. Also in the gaps where you can’t fit words place symbols and shapes that you can use to fill in gaps. I don’t do any measuring for the first one I just fit in as much as possible.

Then weed your vinyl and place a full sheet of transfer tape over top.  When you peel up the tape the vinyl will peel off the backing (at least it does for me.) I place it back on the backing paper and then  cut it apart into the different words and symbols.

Start laying it out on your tile (or whatever medium you are using.) Then simply rub on the ‘stickers’ you made with the transfer tape. Now do it again, with your next sheet of vinyl.

 This is the one that failed me. Just make sure you measure this time around so that your words will fit. On the Gypsy its really easy to adjust words so they e the specific length or height you want,

I’m not sure what happened here I had it going pretty slow (3) I think it was a combination of dull blade and the fact that I need to replace my cutting mat. It didn’t even cut the while right side.

So my project won’t get done for a while because I’m not going to get an order of vinyl for a while (since I just got one) But I will show you my Winter one soon.
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  1. Sorry to hear about that one piece of vinyl that got messed up. Just based on the completed first sheet you had ready, this project is going to look fantastic when you finish 🙂

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