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Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about alternative ways to wrap your gifts? If not you can check out that post here. I like to use homemade cloth bags to wrap my gifts in. They are super easy to make but I thought I would walk you through my process just in case you were wondering.

First of all make sure your fabric is ironed and ready to cut. This piece is a left over from a few years ago that had been wadded up in the bottom of my sewing box so it needed a little attention.

Then cut it to whatever size you want, I cut it width by double length. For example if you want a 11×12 bag I cut 11×24 so when you fold it the bottom is solid (not stitched.) Make your bags a little taller than you think so you have enough fabric to gather and tie up around your present.

A trick my Sister in Law (Bec from the iHeart Blog) tought me was to make sure the blade (not the housing) is against the straight edge. I know this is pretty basic but when I started using a rotary cutter I had no idea.

*hint* if you want to have a liner for your bags (which I do with the ones that I won’t be giving away) write down the size you need so you don’t forget when you go to cut your liner, trust me it happens.

The next step seems silly  but if you don’t want to pin this is the way to go.  Fold over a 1/2 inch at the top and bottom of the long ends. then fold in half and iron the bottom seam.

Sew it up. I start by hemming the ends, don’t worry about backstitching here because you are just going to cross over it later. Next fold it in half and starting at the opening sew down the sides. I backstitch a few times at the opening and the bottom to make sure it holds.

If you want to add a liner to the bag simply sew the liner on to your top fabric right sides facing OUT then follow the instructions above. I know it seems weird to have the right sides facing out but trust me once you make the bag it will make sense.

I attached my ribbons to the back of the bag so I don’t have to search every time I want to  use them. Attach them a little further down than you think so you can gather the sides up.

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5 comments on “Green Christmas:Bag Lady

  1. love them! We have a ton of wrapping paper left over from past Christmases and Birthdays that we are using up right now but plan on making these for future gifts!

  2. Great tutorial! I always love reading the different ways that people make bags. It helps me perfect in my own bag making skills 🙂 Those are amazing bags you’ve made and the best part is that you can make them using any fabric! It’s the best way to recycle clothes or other fabrics that you no longer use 🙂

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