Green Christmas: Eat Green

Here are a few hints on how to make your holiday dinner a little greener.

  • Buy local, try to find a local farm to buy your turkey and vegetables from. This reduces transport and packaging.
  • Back as much from scratch as possible. This is not only cheaper but tastes better and means a large factory doesn’t have to make it.
  • Use real plates and silverware, and then wash them in your energy efficient dishwasher. Check out this article at for more information.
  • Use cloth napkins. They are prettier and softer than paper, plus your just plain not wasting paper.
  • Remember to buy organic when it counts, food with thin skin that you eat. Check out the dirty dozen for more info.

What ideas do you have?


3 comments on “Green Christmas: Eat Green

  1. Hello! My name’s Lorene Holderfield (aka Edorenel) and I came across your site that I must say is absolutely amazing, fresh, and green! I love being Green and this particular post caught my attention. As you and I know, holidays can be…quite overwhelming with all those countless foods, right? Ha, ha! And oh, the gained weight…and then the liklihood of those things not coming from, say, recycled products, etc. and the fact those foods might not be healthy or organic. O_O In an effort to be Green this holiday, I am following your wise words, oh wise one. XD And Happy 2010 Thanksgiving to thee! =D

  2. We use cloth napkins and real dishes year around, paper seems like such a waste of money to me.

    I could our Thanksgiving meal 100% from scratch and organic. We couldn’t get a local turkey as they are hard to come by here due to some crazy laws but it was organic, free range and bought from a family owned store. It was $5.80 a lb but very worth it! There is something very nice about buying your food from a real family, I was at the store yesterday and the owner asked me how the turkey was and we talked about our Thanksgivings a bit, Wal-Mart is never going to remember you got your turkey from them lol.

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