It’s easy being green!

Happy Friday, this was a guest post of mine a while ago but I  wanted to share it with you all.


I want to give you a few of my green tips to show you that Its easy being green.

One of the eaisest things to do is help ban the phone book heres how:

Go to the website, sign the petition and help support
the idea of a request only phone book delivery.
Then go to this website fill out your info and stop getting the phonebook yourself
If you have one laying around put it out with your recycling.
Then at the next delivery day you will get one of these:
Check it out its even printed on recycled paper!
Here is another easy one if your a blogger:

Make  your blog carbon neutral its easy!

 1. Write a blog about the project

2. Click here pick a button and add it to your blog

3. Email with a link to your blog.

That’s it.

Here are a few more quick and easy ways to be green:
  1. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth.
  2. Use rags insted of paper towels.
  3. use your cloth shopping bas for ALL shopping.

One thought on “It’s easy being green!

  1. How funny! I did a google search yesterday to figure out how to stop delivery of yellow pages to my house and posted a blog entry about it. lol! I found the same website you did and have already requested both companies stop delivery. I sure hope it helps!

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