Green Christmas: Re-gift and Handmade Giveaway

Today I want to talk to you about re-gifting and handmade gifts. These kinds of gifts both seem to have a negative vibe around them. I honestly don’t understand why. Ok maybe I do, there are some things that just shouldn’t be re-gifted…

To me re-gifting means giving anything you already have on hand. I don’t think this is bad especally if it dosen’t look used or if its electronic in nature. My family has a habit of re-gifting our old laptops…. Anyway, if you have something laying around that you don’t want or use. Why throw it away when someone else would get a lot of use from.

On to homemade. There are so many great ideas out there in blog land, buying homemade is a great way to cut down on manufacturing and such. Its even better if the materials used are locally sourced.

I know not everyone has the skills or the time to do this so that is where a great sight comes in. what a great site you can search based on location (how I found Apple Valley Natural Soaps) or keywords like upcycled.

My current favorite store is Little Temple, and although my fav store will change frequently I will be using my magnetic Posie Badge from her for a very long time. The fact that its magnetic and not a pin is what makes it so versatile. First take a look.

Cute huh? I really like it, In fact I’ve worn it the last two days in a row. Here was my favorite outfit.

When I first got it I thought it would be too much, but its not. It ads just a touch of girly, and brings life to my fairly basic wardrobe.

One of the best parts of this is that since its a magnet you can move it around with no remorse. This is the lamp in my living room and this is where my posie will stay while I’m now wearing it. Think of all the ways you could use it, On a bag, your fridge, attach it to a headband, or use one of the smaller badges for part of your packaging on a present.

Fun for all:

Woo Hoo Free Shipping to the US till Dec 21st! Checkout her store for more information on Sunday.

Fun for one:

So here is the fun part, Lauren is going to give one of you a regular sized Posie Badge,  it can be one in my shop that is already made, or if you prefer, a custom badge of that same value.


  • Go to the Little Temple’s Etsy page and pick out your favorite item. (1 Entry)

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As always, I don’t want to ever force anyone to follow me and that is why its just an additional entry but the fact is, in order to keep getting these great giveaways I need to show companies that I have people reading my blog. Thanks for understanding.

*~*Giveaway winner will be drawn at 9:00 PM CST on 11/23/10 they will have 48 hours to contact me or a new winner will be drawn.~*~

28 comments on “Green Christmas: Re-gift and Handmade Giveaway

  1. I like the idea of regifting things that we don’t use too. It’s too bad that people see it as a negative thing. I mean, isn’t it better to pass it on to someone who ACTUALLY likes and would use it? Much better than for it sitting around collecting dust. I also love handmade things 🙂 Etsy can be such a death trap though because there are just too many cute things on there! The plus side to all that shopping is that I know I’m supporting a fellow crafter and not some big corporate factory that generates thousands and thousands of the same thing that anyone can buy.

  2. I like to make jewelry! Its a GREAT gift and it can be re-gifted over and over as sometimes the beads are interchangeable! The possibilities are endless sometimes! Please consider me in your badge giveaway! Love these- especially the TIP TOP TAUPE badge! Thanks!

  3. I love the purpla badge. What fun, creative items! I am hoping to make some hair clippies with rosettes on them for my 4 nieces. Thanks!

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