Green Christmas: Save some green

Ok today isn’t so much about eco-friendly as it is about saving money, but hey money is green so I decided it worked. For the last few years I’ve been designing and printing my own 4×6  photo cards. I’ve made some pretty detailed ones (that I forgot to up load I will do this tonight.) But I wanted to show you some simple ones I made in Photoshop Elements.

I don’t have the time to do a tutorial on each of them so let me know your favorite in the comments and I will do a tutorial on 1 or two later this week.



(These are some of my friends aren’t they cute?)




By printing these on a 4×6 your not only saving money your using less paper  than a traditional photo card so I guess you are being green after all!


4 comments on “Green Christmas: Save some green

  1. Okay—now I am jealous.

    We don’t have a printer at home so this would be be on option for me but I am envious of the great job you have done on these!

  2. If you can’t print at home you might try Snapfish or any other printing service that offers free 4x6s to new customers, all you pay is shipping (and sometimes you can even find a coupon code for that)

    love all the cards! We design and make our own too 🙂

  3. Wow, those look great! I love that picture of you and MAC together 🙂 I won’t be sending Christmas cards but I will be designing and sending out New Year cards 🙂

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