Sunday night thoughts.

I’ll talk more about being a kid with ADHD later but for now I wanted to talk about how its affecting me today.

I have ADHD. In all reality its not a major factor anymore, but there are days, days when I’m tired or stressed when it shows its ugly head. I become very sensitive, un-focused, forgetful. It makes the day to day hard, it makes everything hard. Life, love, work, health, everything. I just get frazzled, I can’t seem to look at anything rationally. It could be something so simple but I take it to the extreme and suddenly my world is falling down around me. I just can’t seem to be ‘normal.’ Whatever that is.

But then again these are just some days not everyday just once in a while. I’ve been on anti-anxiety meds for a while now and they seemed to help a lot. But I’ve still been having these days maybe every two or so months I would have a few days I just couldn’t keep it together. Turns out there may be another factor in this whole mess that is exasperating my ADHD.  Its come to light that I haven’t been sleeping well for a very long time, I’m not sure why but its a fact. Ok lets be real the why might have something to do with the last crazy 4 years (for more about that click on my story above.)

I probably need to deal with the why at some point but for now I’ve got some help sleeping. Its done wonders, its kind of amazing actually. I figure once I’m back on track I will deal with the why. But not right now, I’m just not ready yet (yes mom I know, I know.)

Through all of these ups and downs, I’ve got an amazing family and great friends that have always been there for me. I don’t know how people get through life w/o people to talk to .

Well the sleepiness is starting to  kick in so I’ll say goodnight now.

One thought on “Sunday night thoughts.

  1. I hear you regarding the ADHD. While this is also not a huge roadblock in my life it has days where it rears it’s ugly head (this Wednesday when I had a terrible trip to the hospital for a clients meets only to tell me it had been cancelled). I haven’t had issues with sleeping (I would probably sleep the day away if i could) but my issue like I said before, I go to extremes. I am either doing too much of something or not enough.

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