Thoughts on Thursday: Christmas Gift Giving

I know that budgets are tight for many people this season. I’ve heard lots of couples saying that they won’t be exchanging gifts this Christmas in an effort to save money.

I would like to encourage you all to give each other at least 1 gift this holiday season, even if the budget doesn’t allow. Make your spouse breakfast in bed and surprise them. Make the stockings a challenge (must by 5 gifts and stay at $15.00 and under.) Simply writing a love letter could be the best gift ever. Making an effort towards a gift is a great way to show your love, even when the budgets don’t allow.

Please share your creative and low cost gift ideas for this season.

3 comments on “Thoughts on Thursday: Christmas Gift Giving

  1. I totally agree, last year we put a $5 dollar limit on gifts, so we couldn’t buy much but it was the process of going out and choosing something for the man I love, and seeing his smile when he opened a dinosaur cookie cutter! We did have plans to make each other breakfast but then he decided to get appendicitis on Chirstmas Eve so we both spent Christmas day in the hospital! This year we’re in the same financial situation so the gifts will be the same, but hopefully the day will be nicer!

  2. I think the act of gift giving during Christmas and other special occasions are important even though it’s so easy to just give each other things anytime you want. Jason and I always struggle on what to give each other since we have everything we need. That’s why the sentimentality of the gifts we give each other is more important than the actual gift itself. We both know that a lot of thought was put into the gifts we get and for us, it’s truly the thought that counts 🙂 Just taking a day off to spend time as a family is a gift because it’s really hard for us to not get distracted by all the things in our life.

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