The draw of consumerism

This post is honestly embarrassing for me. I would like to say I’m above this but I’m not. The draw of consumerism is so strong in America I can’t seem to stay in control for very long. Not to mention all of the giveaways I’ve been doing and will continue to do….well on with the post.

I’ve talked about simplifying life, I’ve talked about cleaning out my house and trying to get rid of the clutter but at the same time I keep bringing stuff in… Why is it so hard to ignore the call of consumerism. We are able to convince ourselves that we ‘need’ this or that or that we will use it  so that makes it ok, but is it really ok? Do I really need the embossing heat gun I bought last night? No, but I convinced myself I would use it on our up coming Christmas cards…humm I’m going to have to think about that one.

This is a great time of year to work on the buying less mentality, not only because Christmas is coming up and you don’t want to ruins someones gift for you by buying it yourself. But also by teaching your kids that the true meaning of Christmas isn’t gifts….

Once again I’m going to evaluate my priorities and see what I can cut out of life, what do I really need, what do I have enough of and what is just extra. Extra causes stress, it was so nice to clean out my basement closet this weekend and get rid of some things for craigslist, it was piece of mind, more money in savings and more storage space.

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  1. i think that in our society we consume out of habit. it’s a societal addiction really. and in fact, governments and corporations and the people who run things are part of it. they tell us: we have to buy houses and we have to buy things to fill our houses in order to keep the economy strong. we have to build businesses that sell services and products in order to keep the economy strong. and then we have to get people to consume our services and buy our products. it’s pretty deep. it’s not just something that Amber has created in a vacuum inside her own head. we are all part of it. we are all responsible for it.

  2. Consumerism is something we just can’t avoid no matter how hard we try. Just like michele said, we’re constantly being told that we need something or that we have to spend because it’s good for the economy. I think it’s impossible to avoid buying things…

  3. This was something I really struggled with when I started my job. I have a lot of co-workers who like to go out to eat every day, buy the latest I-pod etc. In a world where the goal is to “Be Like the Joneses.” This can be a constant struggle. The consumerism in Christmas tends to drive my husband away from it. It’s hard to avoid it when you turn on the TV and they said you need to have the latest this or that. Millions of people flock to Oprah’s set every year wanting to get “free stuff” from her Favorite things show. I think all we can do is take things step by step in terms of simplifying.

  4. I’m with the others, we all fall prey to it. Heck, if you saw the amount of running clothes I have, I think you would be amazed. I feel like for the most part it’s ok, I would like to be able to run in every season and have enough clothes to get through a week, yet part of me says “Do I really need that much or can I re-wear some stuff?” When you take into consideration the different seasons..we’re talking tank tops, short sleeves, long sleeves. Shorts, capri’s, full length tights. We’re talking 3-4 of each (which still leaves me re-wearing something if I run more than that or doing extra laundry). Since most of these items generally cost $30-$60 each, that’s a lot of money if you pay full price. Still…I can’t help arguing with myself and asking if this is consumerism or good hygiene. But now I’ve gone off on a tangent..sorry about that. At least you are comforted in knowing…that you are definitely not alone.

  5. Wow, your post reminded me of myself! I start off with great intentions and then go off the rails a little bit and feel guilty. I think the difference is being aware; we know we don’t need all the things we buy and we’re making a conscious effort to simplify and reduce.

    I will admit to having a weakness for card making and scrap booking supplies, and yarn. And the holiday season is SO full of cute stuff, it’s hard to resist! To counter this, I’m aiming to give homemade gifts this year using up as much of my “stash” as possible. I’ve come up with some cute ideas. I just finished a pair of hand knit alpaca wristlets (fingerless mitts) from a beautiful ball of wool I’ve had for months. Now I just have to stay on track. Wish me luck!

  6. I hear everything each of you have said. I think the best thing we can do is encourage each. Don’t expect gifts from everyone. Don’t expect your friends to go shopping with you or out to eat just because you choose to today. Take the pressure off your friends. Be aware of what you really want and free your friends to do the same.

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