Thoughts on Thursday: Sometimes their right.

If your anything like me your a little stubborn, and maybe you think you are right most of the time….Just maybe.

however there will be times that your spouse will be right, darn it.  We need to listen to our spouse with open minds, realizing that their ideas might just be better, or maybe even right. When we ask for their opinion we need to take it to heart, not ignore it (like I’ve been known to do, sorry hon.)

Listen to your spouse, they just might be right.

One thought on “Thoughts on Thursday: Sometimes their right.

  1. So true! Not only do we have to listen to them and know that they are right about certain things…we also have to know when to apologize to them for not listening to them when they were right all along. I know I’ve apologized to Jason many times because I ignored his suggestions and went ahead and did things my own way which then ended up to be the wrong way. It’s important to acknowledge that we made a mistake when we don’t listen to our spouses advice.

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