13.5 Inches and other life happenings.

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Ok everyone, are you ready for this one?


It was actually longer this was months ago.


13.5 inches being sent to Locks of Love! This is my 4th time donating and my favorite cut out of the 4.

As for life in general its been good. I had my first full weekend off last week and it was great. I got together with my Mother in Law and we went to the farmers market, out  for lunch and then to the M.A.C counter for makeovers from my friend.

The farmers market I will talk about later but lunch was amazing. We went to Noodles and Company, nothing amazing there but when I really started paying attention I saw how green it is!

Notice that all of the dishes (even my water glass) are reusable ‘real’ dishes. The to go box was made from recycled cardboard, most of the produce is local and so much more! Three cheers for Noodles and Company!

Then on to the M.A.C counter, I know the make up is a little heavey looking but that is because I asked for a date night look.

Here is my friend and my Mother in Law getting our make up did. Did you know M.A.C has a recycling program?

Because we share your commitment to the environment, M·A·C accepts returns of its primary packaging through the Back to M·A·C Program. By returning six [6] M·A·C primary packaging containers to a M·A·C counter or M·A·C Cosmetics online, you’ll receive a free M·A·C lipstick of your choice as our thanks to you.

Hockey has started and although our team isn’t doing so hot it’s still hockey!

Well that is life in a nut shell. Hope your week is off to a great start!


Oh and did I mention I refuse to turn on the furnace, we have a chilly house but its tolerable 62 degrees this morning but its been down to 58degrees.

7 comments on “13.5 Inches and other life happenings.

  1. Yay for locks of love! I’ve donated my hair twice, 14inch each, and am waiting For my hair to grow about 4 more inches for a third donation

    The mac makeup looks pretty on you 🙂

  2. Love the hair cut! I tend to grow my hair out long, then cut it short too (after having it short for 3 years, I’m now in the growing out phase…again). Locks of Love is a great program.

  3. Your hair looks great! My hair is sitting at about 11 inches right now.

    I love Noodles. Our office is going to a Free Tasting there at the end of the month. I am very excited about it.

  4. Wow! Your hair is short! I like the new haircut 🙂 Of course, I’m biased about short hair since I have fairly short hair too. I think it’s great that you donate all that hair to charity. I wish we had something like that in Japan because I am always up for cutting all my hair off so that someone else gets to have beautiful hair.

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