Thoughts on Thursday:Don’t Lie

Back in grade school I used to lie, ALOT. I’m not sure why exactly but I’m guessing it was a way to get attention. One day a friend pulled me aside in the bathroom and talked straight with me. She said everyone knew I was lying and that made them not want to be friends with me. I wasn’t cured over night but that was a life changing moment for me.

I’m telling you this so that you don’t think I’m attacking anyone (certainly not Mac.)

Don’t Lie. Simple enough right? I would think so for adults but I’ve been proven wrong recently. Because of my past and my upbringing this is a very big deal to me. I don’t like being lied to, not only because of the untruth itself  but because of the lack of trust it creates. I don’t want to go around fact checking everything someone tells me. 

Lying not only harms a marriage it can distroy it. The same holds true for friendship, bussniss relationships and parent child relationships. Just don’t do it.

6 comments on “Thoughts on Thursday:Don’t Lie

  1. I hear you. I would also add to that “Take responsibility for your own actions.” When you (meaning anyone, not you specificially) do something that causes harm to someone else or make a mistake (with an office project, etc). Be an adult, accept responsibility and see what you can learn from it. Great post Amber!

  2. I agree! I use to lie a lot when I was a kid too and boy did I get punished for it. I think lies always have a way of coming back to haunt you and will always bite you back in the end. Like you said, lying destroys relationships and trusts. If you really care for the people you know, then don’t hurt them by lying.

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