Green Challenge: ReUse Week 4


Also I’m sorry about any formatting issues, we hare having some weather here and it is causing some internet problems.

Ok I want to talk a little more about this  concept of reuse. I’ve been highlighting a lot of ways to upcycle things but you don’t have to change something to reuse it. What if your blender breaks down? Instead of replacing it and throwing away the old one, fix it. Look for replacement parts or fix the problem if its simple. This will save you both time and money.  Another way to reuse things without redoing them is to buy used, clothes, decorations just about anything can be found at a garage sale or thrift store.

I forgot to take a picture but this week we got Mac a new desk chair off of craigslist for $14.00 (with our parking fee.) It is a faux leather excutive chair with arms (that was the problem with my old one I broke the arms off.) Woo Hoo!

I also solved a problem I’ve had in my office for a while now. I covered cardboard boxes in paper and vinyl and made a garbage and recycling pail.

On to the feature project of the week. Check out this great former bedside table turned counsul by Kristin at High Heels and a Hammer. It went from so very 70’s to so modern with just a can of spray paint!

On to your linked up projects from last week since Halloween is this week I will start with those projects.

First we have these cute Lanterns from Krystal at Puppies and Pacifiers:

Next check out these great trick or treat bags made out of boxers made by Shannon @ Shannon Makes Stuff.

Next we have a great storage box made from those awful styrofome trays from Michele Made Me.

Last but not least we have these two great clothing items.

A ruffled tee from A Stichy Situation

Plus another great remake from her this Ruffled Poncho

Thanks you 4! For posting on my linky party last week you call get an extra entrie in the wrap up party on Friday so look for that its going to be a great giveaway.



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  1. Loving all the recycled, upcycled, projects. I have a quite a few such projects on my blog. Thanks for visiting!


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