Random thoughts for the week.

All of these things relate to events from the last week. However I don’t want to go into specifics. That being said I do want to get them off my chest.

  • Seriously people if your over 18 don’t act like your in high school anymore, be nice and play fair.
  • Adding a swear word every 3 word just makes you sound dumb and makes your sentence incomprehensible.
  • Even adults need to have fun, in fact especially adults.
  • A good nights sleep can do wonders for your brain/body/emotions.
  • Pretending to be what your not makes a angry bride, not a new customer. (Friend not me)
  • Cake really can makes things better (especially for angry bride’s.)
  • When you have nothing else to say stop, don’t just type filler.

Last but not least:

  • Don’t lie.

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