Stupid Spray Paint

I was so excited to show you guys my shelf redo today, but time and spray paint worked against me. Here is what it looked like when I took it from my neighbors garbage pile.

It was dirty, greasy and just all around gross. But I saw a great place to store my ever growing pile of fabric.

So I scrubbed it clean with some steel wood and clean water, blah and then I chose not to sand it since the steel wool had basically chipped off all the loose paint. A few days later I took out my paint ready to attack.

I was going to line the actuall shelf with paper and clear shelf liner but I wanted the back and the sides painted, but the spray paint was runny and didn’t spray in a steady stream. It was horrible. I even tried to use a brush to smooth it out, that was a bad plan because now I have a ruined brush as well.

Ughh, so someone tell me the kind of paint you like to use. I’m going to have to sand now…grrr.

6 comments on “Stupid Spray Paint

  1. For the photo frame project I did this summer I used the Rust-Oleum Painters Touch paint that you can get at Mendard’s, It has 2 times the coverage and covers well.

    P.S. I am going to put up photos from the Re-use project Mike’s been working on this week!

  2. 1. If it already had paint on it, you’re going to have to sand, silly head.
    2. Spray paint probably isn’t the best idea for this project. Go get yourself a quart of valspar. You’ll be much happier with the results.

  3. I’m thinking they are right – the old paint wasn’t roughed up enough – still too glossy to hold your spray paint. so what are you collecting fabric for????

  4. That’s frustrating! I can’t remember the name brand of spray pain I’ve used in the past, but I just go to Menards and look at whether it’s for wood, metal, wicker, etc. I think sanding it down will help wonders, though. Sorry about the re-do!

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