Thoughts on Thursday: Friends

Even though you may be married to your best friend, it is still a good idea to have other friends. It’s true that life gets busy and you may not even have time for your spouse. I know its hard to find time for ‘outside’ people. But its necessary. Your spouse can’t be your everything and sometimes you just need another girl or guy to hang out with.

Think about ways you can intigrate your friends into everyday life. Exercise with a friend or go scrapbooking. Then you are killing 2 birds with one stone!


4 comments on “Thoughts on Thursday: Friends

  1. that is very good advice Amber. i really have to get out there more. and since i’m at home all the time now, it’s just alot of me me me… kinda repetitive after awhile, ya know? i gotta make some changes or else i can see myself going a little nuts!

  2. So very true! I love Jason and Ellie so much but every now and then I just need to get away from them and have a little girl’s night out with my friends. It gives me a chance to remember who I am without having to neglect my family.

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