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Well shutterbugs this ones for you! I’m so excited that BlackRapid decided to work with me on this giveaway. If you have been reading my blog for a while you know I like to take pictures. But the problem with having a big camera is just that, its big. It gets in the way and I hate having it hang off of my neck, in fact I never do. Normally I just wrap the neck strap around my wrist, not all that helpful If I’m going to be taking a full day of pictures.

Well I don’t worry about that any more. BlackRapid sent me their new RS-W1 and I can honestly say it has changed how I take pictures. First off take a look:

See that curve right at chest level, that is what makes so great for the ladies. Not only is it more comfortable, but in my opinion it keeps it in place better.

Now it is a little ‘pretty’ but if your not close up you cant see the design, my husband even uses it, he just puts the strap on backwards like this:

So lets talk details. See the length I have mine set at? It is fully adjustable so you can have it as long or as short as you desire. As you can see in the picture mine sits perfectly at arms length. When I’m not shooting I have the bumpers set so that the camera rests just behind my hip (to protect it from paintballs.) These are the bumpers:

There is one on either side of the connectR and they can be moved all along the strap to keep the camera wherever you want along the strap when your not shooting. Speaking of the connectR here it is:

Ok I just noticed I ended up with the same picture twice here…oops great editing. I’ll change that when I get home. Anyway it has a locking carabiner type connectR which is very secure. Plus the fastenR (that was supposed to be the 2nd picture) screws directly into your cameras tripod mount. Personally I’ve had a neck strap or two come undone (maybe operator error) but this never will. The only advice I have is to periodically check the fastenR to make sure it is still screwed in tightly. I keep mine on the camera so I just check it the first time I hook up for the day.

Doesn’t it look great? This has truly changed my attitude towards bringing my big camera along. I used to take a picture and then put it away. I’ve missed many a great moments because I had to dig out my camera, not any more. I barely even notice its there when its hanging on my hip. Plus then its always ready for action:

So do you want one? I have one to giveaway!!!!

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79 comments on “Giveaway from BlackRapid

  1. Hi! I found out the RW-5 strap has a cellphone pocket which I think is super cool! I would love to win this for my sister as a Xmas present because she loves to take photographs in her spare time. Thank you for this giveaway! 🙂

  2. Hey, cool giveaway! I’d love to get one of these but truth be told, I’ve pretty much stopped carrying my dslr with me when I go out with E these days. It’s bad enough having to carry a 24 lb toddler around without having to lug my camera too. Maybe one day I’ll buy one of these….maybe… Good luck to whoever wins!

  3. I learned that the camera hangs freely upside down ready for use while the strap stays put!
    follow you on gfc as jhb.

  4. I watched their product video for the RS-W1 and learned how to adjust the strap. It looks like it would be quite handy!

  5. Thanks for the giveaway! So I went to Black Rapid and I learned that they have a new fastener now to allows you to use it in conjuction with a Manfrotto RC2 plate!! Sweeet!!!

  6. I am following @LifeLoveGreen on twitter!

    By the way, this contest ends on 10/18…which happens to be my birthday too! 😀

  7. I LOVE this strap. I have it and, like you, it has changed the way I shoot. I’ll love to win one for my sis, she’s a photographer too and she’s all jealous about my strap!

  8. What I enjoy shooting the most? My 19 grandchildren, my 2 great grandchildren, my six kids and their spouses, animals, sunsets, scenery. And I love having my camera with me every moment!

  9. I’m a fan of BR’s ‘buzz’ section. I am all about weddings, weddings, weddings. Followed BR on twitter (@rachclarkimg) Liked em on Facebook as well.

    Good show your running!

  10. I tried on the RSW1 yesterday and loved it! The only issue was having to take it on and off to use a tripod and not having a strap attached. What I saw on the Black Rapid website today is the new RT1 fastener which I am thrilled about.

  11. that the camera strap is specifically designed for women. swiener1[at]

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