Green Challenge ReUse: Week 1

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What fun! I honestly started this challenge with very few ideas and now I have a ton! Some of them were obvious like this storage idea:

Others I had to look around for:

But once I got going I was on a role. I could have posted 20 pictures easily. The theme today is thrift store/garage sale finds. Not only are the items ‘reused’ but they are cheaper! Thank of all of the things you have in your house that are garage sale bought, your already being green!

Next week I hope to have a linky for you to show me the ways you reuse in your house, and there will be a prize! Start getting your blog posts ready now!

5 comments on “Green Challenge ReUse: Week 1

  1. Wow! I love how organized you are! That first picture with all the jars neatly lined up like that is amazing! I love the colors too 🙂 You did an amazing job reusing so many things to help you reorganize. Good job!

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