Green Challenge: Reuse Introduction

Hey everyone welcome to another green challenge from Life, Love, Green for the next 4 weeks I want to see how we can creatively reuse the items we already own instead of buying new.

I have a fun giveaway set up for the conclusion of this giveaway as well so hang on and join on in!

So how is reducing green anyway? By re-purposing things we already have we are being green in two ways

1. We are reducing the amount of ‘stuff’ we throw away.

2. We are reducing the amount of things we have to buy.

This is just the intro, just a taste of whats to come so here is one example.

I could go by a great set of drawer organizers and the would work well but this is what I did instead:


I got to arrange them just how I wanted them and its all perfectly sized it took me about 20 min and I was done! The last time we bought a small drawer divider set (I mean SMALL it was $10.00!

Some other things that get reused at my house are most of the glass jars that I buy food in, we use storage containers instead of plastic for lunch and as I’ve said many times we use aluminum water bottles instead of plastic.

This week before you go out and buy something, I want you to take a look around your house and try to find something that can do the job. It may take a little work but it will save you money and help ‘save the planet.’


6 comments on “Green Challenge: Reuse Introduction

  1. Glad to see that the challenge is back again! I think it’s cool that you do this to encourage others to be more green while making yourself accountable for your own green-ness.

  2. I love that idea! I’ve been trying really hard to reuse as well. We do great at recycling and I “reduce” by donating things as we are done with them, but I suck at not going out and buying whatever I think we need.

    Found you through the Green Blog Hop. Feel free to stop by my blog Metro DC Mom.

  3. Great idea! I have tons of cardboard at home. I’ve been wanting to buy something to organize my bathroom drawers but balk at the cost to do so. I think I’ll be trying this soon!

    Found you through the green blog hop.

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