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Today I want to talk about a different way of being green, buying products that will last. They may not be made the ‘green’ way but if they prevent you from buying 3,4 and 5 of the same item then it turns out to be a good investment as well as greener than the alternatives.

A big part of my life is my adorable puppy Cooper. He is a 1 year old, 55 lb golden doodle and has a lot of energy. The best thing for that energy and my heath is for both of us to go for a run. I’m not sure if you’ve ever attempted this but  its awkward, the leash keeps getting in the way and it makes pumping your arms difficult without choking your dog.

One day at work my friend “R” told me about Stunt Puppy. I checked out their website and their products looked great.  Right away I saw a few items I would like, the Dry Collar looks great since Cooper likes to jump in the shower and play in the rain. The other item that caught my eye was the Stunt Runner. Stunt  Puppy was generous enough to supply me with 2 of their Stunt Runners, one for me to try out and one to giveaway!

Additional Stunt Runner™ Flexible Connector

The first time I tried it we just went for a walk around the block to see how it would go. I was pleasantly surprised with the stunt runner, Cooper isn’t fully leash trained (IE heel) and we normally use a gentle leader along with his leash. As Cooper circled around me the leash circled with him, I didn’t get tangled UP!!! In fact the only ‘problem’ I had was that I thought since I was hands free I would play around on my phone I ended up tripping on my flip flops and scraping up my knee. But that isn’t the leash or the dogs fault it was mine (insert sheepish grin here.)

The second time I used the gentle leader I went on a run with my friend. It was great! I was able to get the momentum from pumping my arms without worrying about the dog. The leash is short enough that when I’m running on one side of the bike path I don’t have to worry about people on the other side. Plus the elastic in the leash is just the right amount of give if Cooper falls behind or tries to run ahead. When I used it in conjunction with the gentle leader we literally had the perfect run!

(This is how pictures turn out when the camera is stationary and your using a remote.)

You can also buy a 2nd flexible connector if you want to run with 2 dogs.

If you are a runner or even like going for power walks I would highly suggest this it comes in 5 great colors (Black, Blue, Silver, Red and Orange.)

(Suggestion if your going to run with headphones tuck them through your shirt so they don’t get wound around the leash.)

Now for the fun part. If you are a dog owner and would like one of these Stunt Runners I have a blue one just for you! Here is all you have to do to enter your name in the drawing.

Leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry if you post one comment for all of these questions it will only count as 1 entry. ~*~ Open to USA Residents only, sorry.~*~


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Same as with the last giveaway, I didn’t want to ever force anyone to follow me and that is why its just an additional entry but the fact is, in order to keep getting these great giveaways I need to show companies that I have people reading my blog. Thanks for understanding.

~*~ Giveaway ends 10/08/2010 at 9:00 PM CST~*~

35 comments on “Giveaway from Stunt Puppy

  1. I’ll be ordering the Stunt Puppy dry collar today. My chocolate lab loves to swim and I’m tired of her collar being stinky.

  2. Mia is our 4 legged furry child. She is a chocolate lab and celebrated her first birthday last month. She has aspirations to be a therapy dog because she really loves people, but she has to be a little more disciplined before she enters that workforce.

  3. I absolutely love the shirts with the pics of the human & dog skeletons running together. Very fun! And this leash sounds fantastic!

  4. We have two dogs, Coco — a 6 year old Beagle who needs WAY more exercise than she gets! and Fang — a 2 year old big mutt who is my bi-eyed snuggler. Love these two!

  5. My favorite product is the stunt runner. I’ve been trying to run with my dog for a few months now and we’re struggling. I think this would be a big help!

  6. Our dog is a 9 month old German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix (maybe – there may be something else in there too) named Milly. She is crazy and sweet and thinks she’s a person.

  7. I would say the stunt runner is my favorite item! Adam and I have been trying to do the couch to 5k running plan. That would be great for Daisey

  8. We have two dogs now. Daisey Duke will be a year old in oct. she’s a very hyperactive, into everything, can’t get enough love, red dapple dachshund.

    we just recently added another dog. His name is Diesel he is a charcoal lab, 5months old. He is a 65lb floppy doofus ha ha just kidding he’s still learning his feet. He thinks that he’s daisey size and he can sit on your lap too!

    I don’t have twitter so boo

  9. Stunt runner is just what I need! Been trying to get back into walking and jogging w/my dog Bleu. We so need the exercise.

  10. It sounds like the perfect product! This would be perfect, if only my 100lb dog liked to run..or walk. lol! Her evening walk consists of going down the street..then walking slow as a snail back to the house.

  11. My dog is Molly. We actually dont know what breed she is, she was suppsoed to be a schnauzer, and she never grew into that,,,I read somewhere she could be a border terrier, something I had never heard before. ..But she loves to go for runs with me!

  12. My dog is a 3 year old yellow lab. She is a bundle of energy but also a good companion for just hanging out and watching tv. She will do anything for food!

    rstcere at gmail dot com

  13. I have a little poodle and a Guide Dog puppy and I could use one of those leads for both of them, really.

    I’m following you now. Not really sure why I wasn’t following you before. 🙂

  14. I have a 2 year old chocolate lab that we adopted last year. I’m not a dog person but am totally in love with this dog. I am a runner and am constantly dancing with her and the leash and love the Stunt Puppy running leash you talked about. I followed stunt puppy and you under my BagInspiration account. Great blog! Check out my blog at

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