Thoughts on Thursday: Marriage is like paintball

Marriage is like paintball you need to play as a team and know that your spouse will be there to back you up and ‘do their job.’ The paintball boys have been talking about this a lot lately and I can see how it applies to more than just paintball. In paintball they talk about when you advance on the field you want to know that your teammate is behind you ‘doing his job’.

It is the same in marriage we want to know that our spouse has our back. We need to be on the same page about our plan in this ‘game of life’ and the only way to do that is to talk to each other. Talk to each other set up a game plan, you can win this game if you play together.

4 comments on “Thoughts on Thursday: Marriage is like paintball

  1. I definitely agree! One way I try to have my husbands back is with my family. If my mom is out of line I defend him. I know there are many more battles than that. But this post made me think of that first. Lol!

  2. Interesting analogy but it’s so completely true! I think that’s why a lot of marriages end up failing because the spouses can’t seem to work as a team. There are some people who are always obsessed with themselves that they fail to notice that their actions affect their spouse too. Marriage is totally a team effort and when that team isn’t working together, things can fall apart so easily.

  3. what a great analogy! When I read the title (and before I started reading the blog) I was imagining marriage like paintball because of all the things that hit us unexpectedly. You have to be on your guard, and work as a team (like you said), to take on what may lie ahead.

  4. You are exactly right! And remembering that you are on the same side when you have a conversation is very helpful too. You are not/never opposing teams.

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