Delayed Celebration

A little over two months ago I hurt my back, big time, and because of that we didn’t end up celebrating our anniversary.

Well for some reason that we still haven’t figured out, we have been stressed out lately, so last Friday we made the decision to celebrate. First we ate out with our paintball family. Maybe not the most conventional way to celebrate but fun. Then we went to a local hotel and just vegged out. The room was great (bed was a little soft though) and was an even better price (thanks price line!)

Behind the curtains was even a deck!

However our stress shown through, we both ended up with a little attitude that tried to ruin the evening. We worked it out just in time for my restless legs (something that only pops up once every few months) to keep us awake, go figure. We ended up sleeping in separate beds so that my twitching wouldn’t keep MAC awake.

The next morning we had a yummy breakfast at the hotel and then went out for massages!!! We had a good talk and learned a few things about ourselves that we never even realized impacted our marriage. We spent the rest of the day just bumming around town doing a little shopping and eating at one of our favorite Vietnamese restaurants. It was a great day. We  ended the night with the season premier of Chuck.

Honestly at first glance the mini vacation could be viewed as a bust, but it wasn’t when we arrived home it was with less stress and with things to work on. I think this short 20 hr respite was just what we needed to slow down and look at our marriage not just keep speeding through life.

Don’t read this wrong we have a great marriage but this summer has been crazy busy for us and we are stressed. We needed this break, I’m not sure we even realized how busy we were until we tried to find time for this.

So there you have it that is why I was off grid yesterday. Off to catch up on my blog reading!

5 comments on “Delayed Celebration

  1. Glad you and Mac got a chance to get away for a little bit! I don’t see the trip as a bust since you both shared a lot that you had bottle up and returned home feeling less stressed and happier in your marriage. I think it’s when people try to pretend that everything is alright and ignore the issues in the marriage during a vacation that is a bigger bust because you’d eventually have to return to reality and those issues are still waiting for you. You two hashed out a lot of things and came home with less emotional baggage, right?

  2. so are you doing pt for your back? im actually headed to a specialist tomorrow for mine. should be fun.
    hubby and i dont take time for ourselves enough either, but when we do we always feel so much better about life, us and the family.

  3. Glad to hear that you got some time to yourselves, even if it wasn’t exactly how you had hoped it to turn out. Happy anniversary!

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