‘A’ Embroidery Hoop

I know its a lot delayed but more on why tomorrow but never the less here it is!

This is the second hoop I made for my wall in my office I really like how it tuned out and I’m kinda impressed with how sharp the lines turned out I attribute that step #3

For more about the first hoop look here.

#1 I had this fabric in the ring for a while, when I was deciding what to do with it. Turns out that was a great idea because then the ring is a great marker to center the design I wanted to paint.

#2 Next I cut out the shapes I wanted and used the negative to make stencils to paint.

#3 I used a heavy book for about 10 min to make sure the stencil bonded well.

#4 I used a stencil brush to paint and made sure to keep it vertical the whole time so the paint didn’t seep under the stencil.

#5 After removing the stencil I was left with this

#6 Here is the wall so far with embroidery Hoop 1 and 2

  Make it Yours @ My Backyard EdenBlack Kats Design

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6 comments on “‘A’ Embroidery Hoop

  1. I love how this hoop came out! I really love how the color of the fabric and the color you chose for the letter work together. It totally pops out at you and catches your attention 🙂

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