It all started with cancer

The SITS girls posed a question on their blog for today that really got me thinking why do I do this?

Well it all started with cancer, Mark (my first husband) was diagnosed with cancer just after I turned 21. I could handle the day to day but calling all of the people who were close to us each time we had an update was just too much. So we started a blog to keep everyone aware of what was going on. It was crazy, my parents have lived a life ‘on stage’ in the Church and we had hundreds of people checking our blog weekly. Towards the end it was a good outlet and a great way to let people know, in fact I just couldn’t handle telling people he had passed. I called those who it was necessary to tell on the phone and then it went up on the blog.

After that I kept going because people wanted to know how I was doing, it was a great way to stay connected to the world when I was home alone. It was an easy way to stay connected without having to leave the house, that was to hard.

After a while when I started to ‘live’ again it was a way for me to challenge myself. I wanted to be green but I didn’t know much about it so this was a way for me to learn. If I started a green blog I had to learn more so I could post….From there it has grown. It is still a challenge Its a way for me to take hold of my life. I want to do more crafts so I start blogging about crafts. I’m a greenine and I want to keep getting greener so I blog about it. What can I say I’m addicted.

It all started with cancer….

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4 comments on “It all started with cancer

  1. It’s really amazing how blogging is like therapy for all of us. It gives us the outlet for our feelings. I’m glad that it helped you through all your difficult times. Plus, you’ve made some new friends along the way too, right? 🙂 I’m really glad that I found your blog because reading it gives me a lot of hope about life 🙂

  2. Wow. What a story. Isn’t it amazing how one thing leads to another, and now you’re on here sharing your knowledge, tips, and good ideas with us. You are an amazing woman! Keep up your awesomeness!

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