You Capture: Photographer’s choice

My plan for this week was to do some major editing on my fav picture from paintball this weekend. Of course I left it to last min and my computer is sick, again. So I quick uploaded this to my web server and edited it on Picnik this morning (at work.) My poor computer I hope they get it all figured out this time….





12 comments on “You Capture: Photographer’s choice

  1. Okay, so I just have to tell you – before I read what these shots were of, I though you had taken a picture of some Samurai warrior wannabes! Seriously! Once you said paintball, I got it. 🙂 Love the edit!

  2. It’s so cute how they’re sitting there in a row like good little boys 🙂 I agree with everyone else on the editing. It gives the picture a really nostalgic and warm feeling 🙂

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