I don’t just talk the talk.

Hey everyone,

I wanted to take moment to show you a few things around my house and how we go green. I want to let you know I don’t just talk the talk I walk the walk.

Laundry Line~ I hand laundry whenever I have the time its better for your clothes and the environment. If you don’t like the stiff feeling  just pop a load into your dryer for 5-10 min on fluff to soften them up.

Cars~ We own 2 cars and while they are not both gas friendly the pathfinder really isn’t too bad. Plus we have a reason for it (kayaking, paintball and MN winters) however, the person who is doing the least amount of driving uses the pathfinder, the one who is driving the most uses the  Prius. This is a recent change from the hers and his model and I”m excited to see the difference in our gas bill this month!

Thermostat- Not only do we have a programable thermostat but for the last few weeks we have had it off and the windows open and it has been great fresh cool air blowing through the house! You can see here Fan On (when we are home or at night when the air is coolest) System Off.

Cloth Napkins-I can’t tell you the last time I bought napkins for our house… I like cloth napkins they are pretty and they are green! Here are my newest ones:


I’m also excited to announce a new Green Challenge starting on the 29th, with another great prize! This 4 week challenge will be Reuse, if you have a project you’ve done re-using or up-cycling items let me know I would like to have lots of contributors for this one!

8 comments on “I don’t just talk the talk.

  1. That is awesome! I line dry all the time too! I love it and the smell is the best! We actually love the crunchy feeling! Doesn’t bother us at all. I put 1/4 cup of vinegar in instead of fab softener and it really helps to make out clothes soft. Doesn’t leave a smell either.
    Have a wonderful green day!
    Tips 4 Green

  2. This is a great post! Hubby does a LOT of reuse projects and I have an idea or two!

    (We’re not allowed to dry our clothes on the deck…otherwise I certainly would).

  3. I’m really bad at the clothes line. We don’t really have a yard so I made Hubby put one up on porch and for awhile I used it a lot but I have gotten really lazy! 🙂

    We use cloth napkins or I should say washcloths all the time. I need cute ones!

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