Thoughts on Thursday: Don’t let fear interfere

We have all been hurt before in some way or another, maybe your a lucky one and you haven’t been hurt by a loved one but chances are you have. I lost my first husband to cancer after 5 1/2 years of marriage and at the young age of 24. MAC well lets just say MAC has been burned by someone who said she loved him. But we can’t let the fear of your past affect your future.

Some of you have been cheated on, left behind, beaten, verbally abused, and left with a broken heart. We need to look forward in our relationships not back. Take steps to make sure the same situation doesn’t happen again (if it is preventable) but don’t live everyday in fear of the what if’s.

I don’t like the doctor for myself or for MAC, a while back he sliced his arm open on accident and I had to take him to the ER. I was driving and freaking out at the same time. In my head I knew it simply needed stiches but in my heart I was driving another husband to the hospital. I didn’t like it, and so I told him so, it helped ALOT.

Make sure you talk about your fears and past hurts with your significant other otherwise you may seem irrational at times. Let them know when you are struggling and how they can help.

One thought on “Thoughts on Thursday: Don’t let fear interfere

  1. I totally agree! Plus, letting your significant other know about your fears and past hurts gives them a chance to help you shoulder those burdens so that you’re not alone in it. It brings you closer to each other and you know that there’s someone who’s got your back when you need it.

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