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 Hey everyone, I just got back from a very busy weekend  so I thought it would be a good day to introdue you to one of my blogging buddies.  Meet  MaryAnne from Scrappy Gifts:

1. How did you start blogging and what is your blog about?
I started blogging first just on my family blog since a couple my friends had one. Then eventually I created Scrappy Gifts as a way to sell some extra scrapbook stuff I had as well. My friend and I tried to sell scrapbook stuff we made like the scrappy boxes and baby scrapbooks at craft fairs, but out in Idaho everyone thinks they can just make it later, but never do. Thus, I decided to put my creations on the blog too. I want to give help to those who want to scrapbook, but don’t have the time or those who like the scrapbook look, but don’t know how.
2. I found you though your Blog Frog Community and your monthly crops can you tell us a little more about them?
I used to have lots of friends around that scrapbooked, but most have moved away now. My other friends around don’t really get into scrapbooking or have gone more digital. I don’t mind digital, it’s just hard to get a group together when someone needs their computer. Scrapbooking is more fun with people so I started online crops to get others together to scrapbook with me. This way I’d get more done and others could too!
I keep my challenges pretty general for now so people can easily participate. I have games to start some conversations and to keep it exciting. Best of all I always have prizes. Most of the time since my crops are still new, I just offer certficates to my site or scrapbook stuff. Every once in a while I have great people who offer a prize to give as well. If anyone is interested in donating a prize that would be great. The prize can really be anything.
The next scrap crop is Friday, September 10th 2:00 MST – Tuesday, September 14th 11:59 MST.

3. What is your favorite product you sell?
That is such a difficult question. I love everything I sell. I want the best for customers. I had some thing I used to sell, but took them out because they weren’t my favorite to make. I put all my creativity into each thing I make as if it were for me. It makes giving my creations away even harder, but when people respond saying how much they love it, it makes me happy.
But if I have to answer, I guess I’d say the Scrappy Boxes because they’re more unique. Not many people know how to make them so I feel like they’re extra special to sell to people.

4. How did you get started scrapbooking?
My friend, Jamie was a scrapbooker and there was this class on campus to make a paper bag book so I went along with her. I had fun so we went out and bought me some basics to start scrapbooking. Then I went to her house and made my very first layout on 8 1/2 x 11 paper.
This layout started just on the white 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock, but I found the green 12×12 paper when I started to see that scrapbooking was going to be more in 12×12 direction. For years, I’d been looking for some bowling pin embellishments and just last year I found some to add on to the sides.

I’ve always liked to take pictures to remember everything. I have a photo album for every year of my life from 8th grade until I started scrapbooking more than 5 years ago. Scrapbooking made my pictures look prettier and more exciting to look at so I easily became hooked. Plus it’s a great way to remember the photos as I scrapbook them. Now I scrapbook more than my friend =D.

5. Show me your all time favorite page and tell me why?
Again hard to choose a favorite page so here’s a couple.
These first two layouts are my favorites because both of them I had dreams about how to make them. I know I’m crazy – LOL.

This one I love so much because it uses triangles and not many layouts do.

This one I love all the embellishments I found to make it just right. I love playing with ribbon too, using it in different ways.

Here’s a page from my all-time favorite scrapbook I made. It’s a scrapbook dedicated all to my senior prom and the beginning of my love story with my husband =D. It was the start of my Cinderella story.

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