Green Challenge: Reduce final week

For more information about this challenge see the intro post, week 1 , week 2 and week 3.

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~I bought a  blind for the bathroom but this was a long time coming since we finished the bathroom a few months ago, but it is bamboo! Oh and it has its own valence so that solves my curtian delima!

~ I also bought a frame at a garage sale for this disaster of a project. Oh and a can of red spray paint for it too.

~Oh and a new memory card for my camera for those piantball pictures

Not my best week but not bad either.

~I subscribed to an online newsletter instead of the magazine

~Check out all of this junk I’m getting rid of at a garage sale in a few weeks: Finding all this stuff that I’ve never used makes me more determined not to bring more junk into the house.

I’m learning not to buy things unless I have a specific plan for them, I’m really liking this to be honest I don’tfeel the pressure to buy anymore.  I do have the desire to shop, don’t get me wrong but. I don’t have the feeling of “I need this” because I know I don’t. For once in mylife that is enought to stop me.


So far you will get a set of reuseable produce bags from Love for Earth, some eyeshadow samples from Everyday Minerals (duplicates from my stash never opened) and (insert drummroll here) a choice of any item in my new “Shoe Shop!” Any one photo any size!

How do you sign up for this great prize pack you may ask?!? Its simple leave a comment on how you are reducing your impact. One comment from each of these challenge posts will count.

The winner will be drawn randomly on Monday the 6th of September at 9:00PM CST.


3 comments on “Green Challenge: Reduce final week

  1. I think it’s pretty cool that you made it through a whole month without doing buying anything you don’t need. In fact, I think it’s great 🙂 I wish I could say the same but there is always something that we need, most of the time it’s E-related so it’s pretty much unavoidable.

    Oh and you don’t have to add me to the drawing. As great as your prizes are, I think I should refrain from adding more things to my already-too-cluttered apartment 🙂 I do love your shoe photos though 🙂

  2. I am getting married in a few weeks and we have a super small budget. We aren’t really interested in fancy decorations and elaborate schedules. To cut down on cost and unecessary stuff, we are using Pellegrino bottles as vases on our tables. Both my mother-in-law to-be and my sister’s co-workers are avid drinkers, so they already had the bottles. The home we are having our reception at is a family friend’s and she grows flowers for the local Farmer’s Market. We will just cut flowers the day before and pop a few in the tall bottles. This way we are only using what is in season and won’t be paying for flowers. When the reception is done, we will just recycle the bottles! For our favors we are making bird seed cakes out of a north west seed blend with flour, water, and corn syrup as the binder. We will make a loop out of jute and the tag will be made from seeded paper, so everything will return to the earth and break down.

  3. Hi, we try just as much to not buy things we don’t need. We’re also big on buying fruits and veggies from local farmers. Every little bit helps. Thanks for the inspiration.

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