Life on a Stick

The fair is such a mix of people its kind of like the fair, you can get about every food on a stick and you can get every type of people. The problem is not all of us like fish. Some are vegetarians, some just don’t like the taste or the texture so what do we do when we incounter fish in our lives? If  life was like the fair we just wouldn’t go to that booth, but sometimes the fish is our, boss, co-worker, significant others best friend, and so on.

I believe we need to have some level of tolerance. I’m not saying we need to think that what they do or how they live is right. But we do need to understand that they also live on this planet and we were created to love one another.  How that ‘fish’ lives might not follow your values or beliefs so show them that through love not hate. What is that saying? you “win more flys with honey.”People will never want to become ‘like you’ if all you do is preach and nag.

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