Dry Erase board fail….

Remember this project?

Its my super cool homemade whiteboard with interchangeable back grounds. Well I was going to make a bigger one but it didn’t work out. Here are some things I learned about making a glass frame white board.

#1 Don’t let the frame you bought fall off a bench and crack the glass.

#2 Don’t Mod Podge paper to the back side of the glass to repair the broken glass. If you do try to make sure to use a credit  card to squeeze out all the excess and spread it out evenly.

#3 Be careful when working with staple tabs if you push down too much it will crack the glass…more.

If you do happen to do all these things like I did you get stuck with a pretty red frame with white paper to write on instead. I’m going to buy a piece of glass to fit in and fix it later but for now I’m stuck with this to write my deep freeze inventory on:

BCD 125NightOwlCraftingmmm button

6 comments on “Dry Erase board fail….

  1. Wait, so is this just a regular glass frame that you write with dry-erase and then wipe off again?
    If so – Cool!

    Sorry for your mishap with the large one!

  2. Was the frame from hobby lobby?! Because I’ve had more of those break because of their stupid metal tab thingies they use to hold the glass in place.

  3. I love that you were honest enough to share somethings that didn’t work! There are two many “perfect” bloggers out there.

    Like your blog! (Green Hop visitor!)

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