Craft Room Organization

My office is so bad that I don’t even want to copyright these pictures with my name on it…its sad check it out:

Here is my desk its 10 feet long and I still never have enough room….

This is one of 2 built in shelves That are not being used to the best of their ability

Here is the second

Lastly my wire shelves umm yeah what can i say about that…

So yeah my office needs a little help. I started working on it tonight. Honestly that desk is after I picked it up a little. I’m ashamed to admit that.  So the plan is to use what I have buy from second hand stores and garage sales and get it under control!

Here was my first bit of inspiration I found it on


These are fabric covered and I think give them that extra touch that makes them perfect!

Go over to Hannah’s blog and check out the rest of her great ideas!

3 comments on “Craft Room Organization

  1. Wow – you’ve got lots of great space though!! What potential. I am in the process of doing my office/guest room and can’t WAIT to have a space that makes me smile and inspires me to go, go, GO!!!!
    ps. I have those boxes from Walmart! What a great idea to customize them with a little fabric!!!!

  2. You think that’s messy? Wait till you see what my workspace looks like! You do have a lot more space to work with though…I wish I could have that much space too 🙂

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